Sacred Seeds Herbal Project

What’s it about in a nutshell?

  • Creating seasonal herbal boxes available for sale. Hand-made with love, small-batch herbal products plus all of the information for you to learn how to make those products again yourself at home.
  • Sowing sacred seeds of inspiration and education to individuals, families and children.
  • Raising awareness about seed sovereignty and endangered or adulterated species of herbs.
  • Being passionate about growing herbs, wildcrafting medicine and bringing herbs into our daily lives in numerous ways. Some see a weed, I see friends, allies and medicine!
scaled.chicks spring tonics
My favourite helpers, neighbours and friends; ever since we started making seasonal tonics together there has been such an increase in their whole family’s health it has been a pleasure to watch and be a part of.

Hello! Thanks for taking time to visit this website. I hope you learn something new while you’re here! This website is as much of a learning tool for me as I hope it will be for you so please contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

My aim is to help you take control of your own health, to feel empowered by nature’s abundance and to learn to maintain yours and your family’s health by integrating a natural way of being into your everyday life.  Check out my quarterly herb boxes, A home herbal study combined with seasonal herbal wellness.

Making medicine in all it’s many forms is like a meditation for me – from harvesting, drying and tincturing to making powders, capsules, infused oils, seasonal tonics and tea blends… or simply taking time out to look at the plant world around me while documenting this on my Instagram feed

I feel passionate about sharing my knowledge with children, as they begin their journeys to become future guardians and protectors of the world around us. In order to inspire children I hope to inspire their parents by offering workshops for whole families to attend together, empowering them to rely less on pharmaceuticals and make fewer visits to their GP.  Along with other inspiring colleagues and Herbalist’s we run a Herbal home-Ed group that offers 3 to 4 days through the seasons medicine chest. Contact me if you would like to join that mailing list or find out more.

I see adults and children for one-to-one consultations. Read my profile on Therapy-Directory or further details about herbal consultations on my website.

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Sowing seeds of herbal inspiration