A herbal seed bomb bursting into life. Lets re-wild the world with herbs!
A herbal seed bomb bursting into life. Lets re-wild the world with herbs!

Herb garden designs

After recently completing a Permaculture Design Course, I am keen to help others create their very own herb gardens at their home, workplace, school or community project. I offer reduced rates for charities and community projects. As well as visual designs I can provide a detailed description of each herb in the design including how to use it and what it is good for.  We can tailor the design in order to include herbs which can be used to treat your most common complaints so your family medicine chest is right on your back doorstep!

Josie Jeffery from Seed Freedom
Josie Jeffery from Seed Freedom

Herbal seed bombs

We made these for our wedding and would love to offer this service to others that want to adorn the world with herbs!  Seed bombs are great as party giveaways, wedding favours, birthday presents or gifts for other special occasions.  These are made in conjunction with my friend Josie at Seed Freedom.

scaled.rose petals in jar
Blissful rose. This was the start of the love potion I made for our wedding guests… and for my husband and I of course!

Herbal wedding love

I created a wonderful herbally infused wedding for myself and my husband and I would love to be able to do this for others. This could include:

  • Love potions/elixirs
  • Herbal confetti
  • Aphrodisiacs
  • Cards of pressed flowers
  • Herbal raw chocolate selection
  • Herbs that signify love, devotion, commitment and eternal love made into various products for both the bride and groom to enjoy.
  • Potted herbs up ready to plant with notes on meaning, uses and how to use

Great as gifts for the happy couple or for your whole congregation! Email me to enquire about options.

Foraged foods

If you would like something delicious made for your special occasion or as a gift from foraged foods we can make any of the recipes on this website to order (season dependant/advance ordering essential).  Namely artisan pesto’s, chutneys and jams, medicinal honeys, syrups or medicinal mushroom stock mixes.

Tea or coffee blends

Small batch or bulk orders available for sale of any of the recipes on this website for gifts, personal use or to serve at events or in cafe’s.  As Gifts packaged in 100g Kilner jars which can be re-used for home made herbal delights.  Small batch served in canvas type bags.

Herbal mouth wash

Tailored to your dental hygiene needs you can make the switch to a herbally infused life in every way.  Re-useable bottles, waste free and earth friendly.

Many of these products are tailored to your specific needs. It is necessary to complete a short health questionnaire/consultation either via email or over the phone. This is necessary to comply with the Medicines Act 1968.

Email me for details of individual items, prices and availability.

All products are made in a certified food and hygiene kitchen. I am fully insured with current DBS and first aid.



Sowing seeds of herbal inspiration