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scaled.alice rosemary
Here I am admiring the rosemary in Portugal where it was growing taller than me and thriving in it’s Mediterranean climate. The quality of the herbs grown in the Mediterranean is outstanding and very different to what we can grow in the UK. It makes me want to create a Mediterranean herb garden in a greenhouse to increase the potency of the herbs

I’m a Sussex lass, born and bred, and I’m happy to be based here again, living close to my family home, the bustling Wowo Campsite – a very special place for me. I love to grow herbs and go wildcrafting and foraging in different terrains to top up my dispensary with fresh, local and organic herbs. I am involved in the set up and management of two herbal gardens; The main garden is at Wapsbourne manor farm, Wowo campsite, Nr Uckfield and the other, an established herbal allotment in the quaint village of Firle, was recently given to my herbal sister friends and I.

I will be growing an impressive array of medicinal herbs in both gardens, running workshops and holding community days in celebration of particular plants.  If I’m unable to grow the herbs needed to make a particular herbal preparation or tincture I will buy them from reputed organic suppliers of the highest quality.

I studied two diplomas at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London – one three year full time course in Herbal Medicine and one two year course in Naturopathic Studies. I undertook 500 hours of supervised clinical training in herbal medicine and am able to assess patients medically as well as holistically. It’s vital to have medical as well as traditional knowledge. As primary health care professionals we need to be able to spot any danger signs of serious undiagnosed conditions and refer clients when necessary.

I grew up on a working strawberry farm. My father is a farmer and his father before him. I have always loved the outdoors but I’m all too aware that it is easy to love the outdoors and yet still be quite disconnected from the natural world. It was only as an adult – when I started exploring how to use nature’s abundant harvest for food, medicine and crafting – that I fell fully in love with the more-than-human world of nature around me. I was inspired to become a herbalist because of a desire to do something I love and be in service to my family and community and as a way of helping us all to be self-sufficient in every aspect of our lives. Having experienced time and again the healing power of plant medicine I feel such a deep gratitude to Mother Nature and our plant allies. I look forward to sharing some of this gratitude with you!

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Workshops and herb walks

I  run seasonal herb walks and practical medicine-making workshops at Wowo and am also available for private hire for home education groups or to lead herb walks in a location of your choice. I am also available to give talks on herbal medicine to any local community groups. For more information visit the Workshops page.

I am dedicated to continued professional development and attend regular workshops to update my clinical skills and knowledge base.

I am a member of the Association of Master Herbalists. I am fully insured with current first aid and DBS.

Permaculture design

I completed a certified Permaculture design course in June 2015 with the wonderful tutor Peter Cow. I plan to incorporate this knowledge in the design of the herb garden at Sacred Earth I am about to create.  I am also available for hire or advice if you would like to create your own herb garden at home, work, school or community project.

Bushcraft and foraging

Me outside our debris shelter we built and slept in regularly on the Trackways course
Me outside our debris shelter we built and slept in regularly on the Trackways course….. without a sleeping bag, buried under leaf litter right through winter!

I run Workshops at Wowo. All of the marvellous tutors that have hosted workshops at Wowo over the years have been hugely inspirational in my journey as a bushcrafter and forager. I undertook a year long bushcraft course with Trackways, based on the teachings of Tom Brown Jr, and feel a deeply rooted connection to nature thanks to this experience. I continue to seek out and share the work of Jon Young, The Art of Mentoring and it’s affiliates. My experience on the Trackways course was also a big influence on my decision to study herbal medicine.

Teachers and mentors

I want to send out huge gratitude to all my teachers and mentors for the guidance, love and support you’ve given me over the years – especially my main mentor Anna Richardson. It was Anna who first nurtured my connection to all the many wonderful plants growing around my family home and was so supportive of my aspiration to become a herbalist. You will always be in my heart Anna – a million times thank you!

Some of my teachers were:

Of course my colleagues, classmates, friends and family members are also my cherished teachers and mentors. Countless others all over the world who I’ve met online over the years have been a continual source of inspiration for me for which I am eternally grateful. It’s a wonderful gift to be a great teacher and everyone has their own way of doing it. It can take a long time and a lot of commitment to figure out how to learn effectively and how to teach effectively – another reason I am so grateful to my many teachers.

scaled.chestnut leavesPhotography

All the photos on this website were taken by me unless credited otherwise. I am addicted to taking photos of herbs, flowers, trees and the abundant world of nature around me.

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